Arrow – Three Ghosts


This midseason finale is where it’s at! You’ve got mystery, intrigue, dudes getting punched hard and Thea is barely in it! Wins all around!

When we last left our team of do-gooders, Ollie was in bad shape. Barry was enlisted by Felicity to help save Ollie’s life, who succeeds in a rather unorthodox manner. Which intensely pisses off Ollie, who does not appreciate his secret being told to a stranger. But now that he’s been injected with rat poison he’s seeing ghosts. Or Shados.

Aha, Speedy is recuperating at the Queen mansion after being shot through the leg with Ollie’s arrow. I think he took a little pleasure pulling the arrow out of Roy’s leg. I mean, who wouldn’t? Roy continues his quest for info even though all signs point to the danger zone if he continues.

On the Lost island, Slade isn’t fairing well after his injection and when Ibo shows up, oh boy, it’s not good. Ibo makes Ollie choose between Sarah and Shado and he’ll kill the other. Well, he chooses Sarah and Ibo shoots Shado. That’s cold, bro. Super, super cold.

Brother Blood is still up to his tricks with Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy!! Did not see that coming. But of course our dirty cop is in the team so when the cops bust in, it’s no surprise. Did he just throw a saw blade at that cop!? That is some “Commando” shit right there.

Our second ghost is one pissed off Slade who messes up the joint really well. Guess it’s not just in his head?

Roy, what are you doing? So far you have proven to be good at absolutely nothing. Well, if sucking is a skill he’s a regular jedi master. He gets his ass nabbed by BroBlood and injected with the green goo and he does that bleeding from the eyes thing. Luckily Ollie knows how to do chest compressions like a good super hero. Fundamental skills save people! Learn CPR!

Our third ghost is Tommy who tells Ollie to buck up. Thanks, now go away.

Oooooooo I’d know that gravely voice anywhere. Turns out Slade is alive and well, and in charge of bringing down Ollie. Nice eye patch, Nick Fury. That speech is bit overly dramatic there guy. But it seems like the shit is going to hit the fan.

COUNTDOWN TO PARTICLE ACCELERATOR! Oh nos, what just happened? Bro. Barry. You okay? Do you think he’s the only one to get zapped by that blast? Well, according to the rags we’re not going to see him again til episode 22. That seems pretty lame since things were just starting to pick up. Oh and Barry left behind a mask for Ollie. See you next year!


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