Find The Secrets Behind Nixon Sixx’s Leather Mask


Today, Blueblood brings us a gallery that will have you equal parts excited and mystified, while it renews your love for Gothic Sluts as Nixon Sixx presents her topless body with a leather skirt, and the piece that brings the mystery to the project: a leather mask.

You do not know what lies beneath that black leather mask or what secrets it is protecting from coming out but you will surely want to get close enough so you can find out.

Nixon Sixx’s beautiful purple tones in her hair and deep-blue eyes that seem to know what you are thinking make her look like the perfect woman for Edward Scissorhands, since they both share an extravagant hairstyle and lots of leather (plus, she could give him a hand from time to time, pardon the pun).


Nixon Sixx looks like she is ready to do bad things in this series shot by yours truly and Forrest Black. We kept it looking serious with the heavy leather mask by the good folks at Antiseptic Fashion. This way you couldn’t see her laughing. We were all cracking up, shooting in the wee hours of the morning in the Antiseptic studio and hanging out with the designers, Vampirabat, and of course the Antiseptic kitten Tinka, featured in an earlier set.
–Amelia G




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