Diabolical Steampunk Leather and Brass Cyber Gas Mask


obscuria diabolical maskObscuria has wonderful text to go with their product line. Obscuria describes my favorite mask from their site: “After Lady Synthestruct polishes off her pint of nightly brandy from the steam powered liquor atomizer, she passes through the richly colored sitting room and makes way towards the hangar, where a patchwork hot air balloon awaits for mysterious Victorian adventure. A brass riveted rust colored leather Steampunk mask, with black leather accents. Two brass and mesh cylinders protrude about one inch out of the mask and are curiously decadent. Dual straps with brass buckles finish off the design, with a slightly padded nose bridge inside of the mask for added comfort.” As an added plus, Obscuria manages to have a personal feel while still offering same day shipping on these masks.


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