Scarlet Starr brings vulnerability to the raygun warrior


Amelia G and Forrest Black bring a vision of space adventure mixed with gaming to life with the help of Scarlet Starr. Scarlet Starr is modeling Raygun Robyn’s tentacle panty creation and not much else. When a lady can double her guns as a fashion accessory, you know you’ve come to the right shoot. Scarlet Starr shows that being a kick-butt green-haired gun totting warrior doesn’t mean you have to give up your vulnerable side too. One look at Scarlet Starr and you can see just how sexy a model opening themselves up to the camera can be. Amelia G and Forrest Black do an amazing job meshing fantasy with reality.


Here is a bonus update of the beautiful Scarlet Starr modeling sexy tentacle panties by the talented Raygun Robyn. You might not be able to get your own panties right now, but Robyn just came out with some stickers, iPad cases, and tentacle pillows!
Amelia G


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