Scarlet Starr mans the turret


I am getting to know Scarlet Starr’s look in Amelia G and Forrest Black’s shoots. This time though, they switched it up on me. For the turret shoot, Scarlet Starr comes off like the sight for sore eyes princess. A princess with a huge gun, of course. In my mind, the scene would be Scarlet Starr cast as Princess Leia coming with the heavy artillery just in time to save the day. Hey, a fella can dream, can’t he? I have to say that there is one shot of Scarlet Starr that is haunting. She is sitting on the steps looking off a bit and the shadows work so well on her body. I think that is the gem of the shoot, but then again, I think Scarlet Starr is the gem of many shoots.


Here is a fun little series we shot of cutie Scarlet Starr in artist Kevin Flint’s gun turret.
–Amelia G


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