Scarlet Starr gears up for Portal


I’ll admit it. I haven’t played Portal yet. Yeah, yeah, save your boos. I do, however, know a pretty cool shoot when I see one. I like the look of Scarlet Starr (big secret there, right?) and I think Amelia G and Forrest Black bring out the best in everyone, but I have to say this Portal shoot a crisp clean shoot that made me want to get the game. The thing that really draws my eye is Scarlet Starr’s socks. I’m not really a foot fetish guy, but these socks look cool. They look like proper boots and they hug her calfs quite nicely. Of course, her socks aren’t the only thing going for her. Let’s face it, Scarlet Starr makes any outfit look great.


So Forrest Black and I did this shoot with the kickass Scarlet Starr and she brought all her Portal gear. If you have a dark sense of humor and enjoy brain teasers and hot naked girls with cool colored hair . . . well, the whole dark/intelligent/sex trifecta is probably why you are here in the first place. So you are going to love this set because I know I am awfully excited about it!
Amelia G


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