Anastassia gets a naughty (sonic) screw


I love the old Doctor Who series. The new ones are okay (how I hated Matt Smith. There I said it. Ugh. Fricken awful!) but here comes something I can enjoy. A busty Anastassia dressing (and then undressing) with a Doctor Who theme for GodsGirls. Anastassia gets naked pretty fast, but not before she teases us with some great ink (if you do get to check out the full set, you need to see her thigh tattoos). Not only is she inkafied, but she is also a bit full natural no razor no no shavey down in the TARDIS area. Having hair in someplaces is an adult media rarity. It’s like Charlie the Unicorn not getting a kidney taken. Does she just dress the part? Of course not! She also rocks a great set of glasses (love glasses by the way) and lips. The lips do their best to simulate oral on the sonic screwdriver. If we have learned anything from this shoot, we’ve learned that although other parts may be, Anastassia’s lips are not deadlock sealed.


Anastassia, geronimo.



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