Cosplay Mate models are Soulmates


Soulmate is a weird word for me. I am unsure of its usage in many places, but with Cosplay-Mate using it and then showing me the Schoolgirl and the Ninja Captain undress, touch, and make out with each other, well, I am not sure if the word matters. All I know is that I really enjoyed this shoot.

The shoot starts off semi-innocent enough. Just two friends posing for the camera together. Maybe one has her hand around another’s waist. But, by the 3rd photo, we can see that they are more than just friends (or about to be really really good friends soon). I love the heels the Schoolgirl is wearing and she manages to go on one knee quite well with them. I also love how the Ninja Captain is the dominating one who takes charge (and the Schoolgirl’s clothes off). But, I wanted you to know that no matter how much cloth taking off is going on, these girls still remain firm friends and that bow tie still remains on.



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