Go (Female) Ninja, Go


Ice is back and…yeah, I can’t go on with that lyric. Sorry. Cosplay-Mate brings us the female of the ninja species. This one comes with a cool red and white outfit with fan to match.

Her ninja superpower seems to be the speed at which she can undress and get funky. If you ever wondered what a ninja looked like without the garb, totally naked and performing a few dexterity exercises, then this is the shoot for you. The model looks great as she takes her garb off (as you can see from the second picture tease). I can say that she is quite voluptuous in a place and very sphinx like in another. If you want to know crack that riddle, you have to see the clue for yourself.


A cheery and temperamental gal, this queen of combat can really beat ‘em with the best of them. After dozens of tournaments (not including other contests), she always stands firm yet bouncy in her beliefs: to get her man.
Although wearing skimpy clothing might seem like a flaw in fighting arenas, it does make for a good distraction. It does also help that they are easily removed.



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