Investigator Stones kicks it off


This time Cosplay-Mate brings us Stones as an Investigator. I’m not sure what an Investigator is, but apparently it is someone who kicks major butt. I have grown to really appreciate Stones in her work. I think she has great posture and balance for her martial arts moves. Standing still for a great length of time while a photographer takes a few snaps isn’t easy when you have to do it on one leg with heels. The boots this time (yes, always about the boots) are a white number that laces up towards the knee. The heels are deadly enough to make the kick of hers gore someone if she wanted to. I love the blue and gold swirls of her top, but it is the fishnets hooking up to her hip that really make this piece pop. Fishnets + White lace knee-high heels + Stones = Hot. That’s today’s math lesson.


This “beauty of spring” is quite something to look at. But, even though she seems like a nice gal, this officer of the law doesn’t take too kindly to anyone under her protection. Ready for anything, she will quickly take on any new opponents.
Of course, should one manage to get on her sweet side, she does seem quite adaptable to new settings and positions. Considering her martial arts background, she is quite flexible and quite shapely. Who knows, maybe one can win her over and make her headlines!



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