Investigator Stones turns her search inward


So, Cosplay-Mate says she is an Investigator, but I think she is more like Chun Li from Street Fighter. The costume fits the description of the action hero, doesn’t it? Either way, I guess it won’t matter too much. She doesn’t have the costume on for all too long before using that Investigator magic on finding a sweet release of her own.

There is something I need to add about this video. I’ve had my eye on this model for some time now. Like I said before, any fan of the Stones is a person I can easily become a fan of and after seeing her in action for this video, well, I’m pretty sure you will be a fan of hers too.


This “beauty of spring” is quite something to look at. But, even though she seems like a nice gal, this officer of the law doesn’t take too kindly to anyone under her protection. Ready for anything, she will quickly take on any new opponents. Of course, should one manage to get on her sweet side, she does seem quite adaptable to new settings and positions. Considering her martial arts background, she is quite flexible and quite shapely. Who knows, maybe one can win her over and make her headlines!

The first female fighter introduced into the Street Fighter canon, she is depicted in the games’ storyline as an expert martial artist and Interpol officer who restlessly seeks revenge for the death of her father at the hands of the nefarious M. Bison, leader of the Shadaloo crime syndicate.


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