The Surviving Rebel kicks back


The lone rebel. It must get pretty lonely being the last survivor of a zombie horde. It also has to be pretty tough to run in those heels. Let’s face it Stones (from her Rolling Stones tattoo) here is built for destruction, not comfort. Those heels look wicked with that spike. I am pretty sure if her two guns don’t kill the zombie, those bad boys sure will. I’ve seen a heel go into a man’s skull before (Vegas, right?) so I can imagine just what sort of damage Stones can do with hers.

I am not sure how tall she is, but in this Cosplay-Mate shoot, her legs become deceptively long. In most of the shoots, her legs are definitely a great feature. Are they her best feature? I’m not sure. She has so many to pick from. Right now I am looking at a photo that has her back to the camera a bit. She has the heels on, the gun belt and her collar. That’s it. Her slender body takes a lean forward and her legs really do call attention to themselves. They go the long, slow, way to her butt and the rest just takes over from there.


Zombie apocalypses aren’t fun and games. Especially when looking for close family members. Fortunately for this rebel, she can defend herself against any nemesis she encounters. Quick witted and strong willed, she can pull out of any situations.
There are some good in those times: she does need help to check for bite marks or infections. Maybe she needs more of a hand-on approach?



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