By The Sword Brocade Dinner Dress


I found this amazing steampunk-gothic dinner dress on By the Sword‘s website. It’s black and has long sleeves, and I love the brocade. It lends an authentic texture, so if I get this I’ll feel more like I belong to the noble class. The only thing that would make this cooler is if the buttons were more like rivets. That said, I checked out the other steampunk links on this site, and I found the Abigail Dieselpunk ensemble, and that skirt is white with rivet decoration. The black top’s riveted front buckle closure gives it a gothic flair that I really like.

By the Sword has a lot of other amazing steampunk, gothic, and fantasy clothes, and they all look fantastic. I’m going to spend a lot of time browsing their catalog!

by the sword brocade dress

by the sword brocade dress

This Brocade Dinner Dress features an aristocratic ensamble made using fine Brocade fabric & black net lining. Beautiful lace adores the hem while front opening buttons & slim sleeves add to elegance of the blouse. The skirt has been designed for an Aristocratic dinner party. Layers of the skirt are adorned with intrinsic lace, with ruffles at the hem.


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