Jane Reed

chrononaut mercantile

Chrononaut Mercantile

Chrononaut Mercantile is another amazing steampunk design studio. I especially love the custom pirate coats — you can order custom colors and other options, and it’s...

impero london steampunk leather jacket

Steampunk Victorian Burlesque Costume Bespoke Leather Dress Coat by Impero London

In steampunk and Victorian fashion, the Bespoke Leather Dress Coat—or “Bolero”—by Impero London is hand-crafted tops. This is a gorgeous piece with hand-painted...

by the sword brocade dress

By The Sword Brocade Dinner Dress

I found this amazing steampunk-gothic dinner dress on By the Sword‘s website. It’s black and has long sleeves, and I love the brocade. It lends an authentic...

Michelle Phan Hatsuine Miku Makeup Tutorial

Hatsune Miku Tutorial

This short tutorial shows you how quick and easy it can be to look like Hatsune Miku. The girl in the video does a nice job of demonstrating the colors and shapes to...

Merfairy Makeup Tutorial

Merfairy Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial is how to create a merfairy look. The merfairy is said to favor the fairy side when in the woods and the mermaid side when near the ocean. The creator,...

Steampunk Sweethearts Etsy

Steampunk Sweethearts

Steampunk Sweethearts is a wonderful collection of accessories with a steampunk theme. The selection varies between brooches, pendants, totes, and miniature storage...

steampunk pics

Maria Loki Nosova 500px

There’s an impressive selection of steampunk photos at 500px.com. I chose one to share, but you can find many, many more using this link:...

Ichigo Hollow Mask Tutorial

Ichigo Hollow Mask Tutorial

The Ichigo Hollow Mask video tutorial posted by Hkisame is a great way to get that creepy-cool look made famous in the Bleach animé. They show you how to get the 3D...

superman man of steel

Superman – Man of Steel Trailer

The new Superman movie looks amazing, but I’m a little concerned that they’re trying to do too much. This is Clark’s origin story, and they’ve also brought the...


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