Hatsune Miku Tutorial


This short tutorial shows you how quick and easy it can be to look like Hatsune Miku. The girl in the video does a nice job of demonstrating the colors and shapes to paint on her face. She uses a nice set of techniques to make her eyes look larger. Although she states at the end that it “took forever” to do, it took less than five minutes, if you don’t include off-camera time spent putting on the main wig section—the pigtails clipped on at the end.

This is a cute and easy cosplay option. Make sure to get the wig and coordinating clothing ahead of time, and you, too, can be the adorable Hatsune Miku!

hatsune miku

Who has turquoise hair, can sing any Japanese songs you like and drives a Toyota Corolla? Hatsune Miku.

You’re looking at her, and this video can show you how to look like her. This video would work well for those who want to dress up like Miku at her concerts, anime events and expos and more! ( fyi, Miku doesn’t wear hairbands, but I had to wear a few because I was in the desert filming this scene. It was so windy, my hair was flapping everywhere and getting all tangled. How did Rapunzel do it?! Seriously!)

Hatsune Miku is a vocaloid, she’s not an anime or hologram, this video explains it pretty well and shows you how to use the vocaloid program. It may seem new to you, but it’s been around in Japan for a while. Very cool stuff.

If you wanna check out really cool Hatsune Miku cosplay, you can find a lot on Google Image! I saw a bunch when I went to Akihabara while I was in Japan last week! Even men dress up like her, I was shocked! Haha!

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This tutorial was simple, reallllllly simple… a little too simple, I don’t even know why I’m making this tutorial haha, but check out the product list on my website.

The World is Mine

Anyone else going to Anime Expo?? or to Miku’s concert in America?? 😀

The costume is from Japan.
for the wig, check out https://www.youtube.com/thecosplaycorner, she makes cosplay wigs! 😀

Car sponsored by Toyota Corolla, the official car of Hastsune Miku (yes she has a car, I know right??!)


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