Ichigo Hollow Mask Tutorial


The Ichigo Hollow Mask video tutorial posted by Hkisame is a great way to get that creepy-cool look made famous in the Bleach animé. They show you how to get the 3D effect to make it look like a mask. He has you outline the mask then fill in step-by-step. It looks complicated before you start, but if you follow the directions—captioned in easy-to-read English—it’s pretty simple. If you don’t have the exact products he suggests, you can be sure the local costume shop will have the same thing in different brands.

They make a great point at the end that while the person in the video used blue reversed contacts, you’ll want to get orange to really capture the Hollow look.

This is a fantastic tutorial for anyone into Bleach cosplay!

bleach kurosaki ichigo hollow mask


Elizabeth: Bibo White Liner

Kate: Gel Eyeliner

Mehron: Clown White Cream Base / White Setting Powder

Make Up For Ever: Matte Black Eyeshadow N#4 / Brown Eyeshadow N#98

Kryolan: Red Aqua Paint

9mmsfx: Negative Sclera Lenses

Music by: www.jamendo.com

Artist: Daniel Bautista
Album: Cocktail Eleven
Song: Tempestad

Artist: Daniel Bautista
Album: 15
Song: Intermezzo Hardcore


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