Schoolgirl Scarlet Starr’s Overflowing Sensuality


If you are not a fan of schoolgirl outfits get ready to have your mind changed by the beautifully alluring Scarlet Starr, who in this case reminds me of Dita from the Vandread anime because of her red hair.

Her expectant look has a hint of hopefulness that will make you feel as if she is waiting for you to come closer to her to show you much more of her naughty, BarelyEvil side.

The contrast that her skirt offers with her playful poses has a sensual element to it that you will never forget. Also, the fact that her shirt is almost completely unbuttoned from the beginning, which gives you a better look at her body and the sensual things to come, only makes this BlueBlood gallery even better.

I will say that there is something very attractive about Scarlet Starr’s eyes and bright-red lips that makes me smile just as much as the Alice in Wonderland cheshire cat in the background.


Yeah, I know we just had a Scarlet Starr update, but it’s an anime schoolgirl nail-painting and scary cat kinda time of year. Forrest Black and I always enjoy creating pretty pictures with Scarlet Starr.
–Amelia G



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