Let’s Have A Crazy Fun Game!: Jinx Cosplay by Fe Galvao Cosplay


Gamers by heart would understand why character skins, specially the girls, look especially sexy. According to One Piece‘s creator, sexy character skins are specially created for gamers who need extra inspiration when playing their favorite game. Well, the personality, abilities, and skills of your chosen avatar or character skin is a bonus.

Female gamers might sometimes prefer cutesy avatars and character skins but there are also others who prefer fierce-looking ones with a bit of crazy flair in their personality for extra enjoyment.

Well, even though I’m not an avid gamer, what I love most about game avatars and character skins is the art and how they are intricately designed. Amazingly enough, the character design really does suit each character’s story and personality, making them extra interesting.

This Jinx Cosplay by Fe Galvao Cosplay, for instance, really gives off a crazy but playful vibe. The creative design and color schemes which are really identical to Jinx’s character design on League of Legends makes it more attractive.


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