Lori The Gory Gasmask Radiance


Perhaps one of the most interesting elements about this BlueBlood gallery is the fact that Lori the Gory manages to convey emotion and her delightful RubberDollies personality by body language alone, as the gasmask covers her face almost in its entirety, except for her eyes.

I like the contrast that the black mask and shiny gloves (aren’t they great?) give to the white background and her silky skin, because it allows you to focus with no distractions on whatever element you choose to pay attention to, either as individual components or as a whole.

This is of course aided by the fact that Lori the Gory is radiant, and of course also by her being in the nude while she poses for you.


Forrest Black and I always have fun shooting Lori the Gory. With her evil ink, she looks especially dangerously sexy in this shiny slick rubber gasmask. Forrest Black picked up the gasmask when he and Szandora went shopping at Fry’s. I’m not sure if this was the usage the Fry’s people had in mind, but what better intention could they have had for consumer gasmasks?
–Amelia G



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