Lori the Gory has the shotgun blues

Only in my job can I name drop a GnR song while looking at a model in nothing but heels holding a shotgun. Days like this make me realize how lucky I am. This creation by Amelia G and Forrest Black involves Lori the Gory and Forrest Black’s shotgun. First, I have to say I am not a huge gun fan. I grew up with them; I might own them; I love to shoot; but I don’t hold an NRA membership or anything close. So, this is from the perspective of someone that is a bit reserved around guns. I love this shoot (no pun).

Here we have a BlueBlood spread that is a mostly naked woman on top of a (looks to be SoCal) roof top holding a combat grip shotgun in all of her naked glory. There was a shop in Vegas that would make a photoshoot like this, but they never quite got it right. Amelia G and Forrest Black get it very right here. They let the model relax with the gun. Lori the Gory looks at home with the piece and the lighting really brings out the color in her tats. I forgot how pretty that ink was until I looked at this photo set.


Lori and I were feeling our gumption, so we took Forrest Black’s shotgun up on the roof in the California sun and shot these sexy busty scream queen images for your viewing pleasure.
–Amelia G

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