Loose Cannon reloads


For this Cosplay-Mate shoot, the Loose Cannon definitely comes in a colourful show. The hair reminds me a lot of the Sound and Vision song by Bowie, “Blue, blue, electric blue…” I think this look works well with the outfit. The hair stands out nicely against the black of her belt and bra. The pink also adds a bit of flair, but the center piece to this is Loose Cannon’s ability to pose in a Mae West come pin-up girl action style.

As you can see from the first shot, Loose Cannon isn’t afraid to use those rounds for more than just shooting. The bite is playful yet with an edge. I can picture her in an action movie where she plays the lone assassin that sends her bullets with a kiss. This shoot also brings me one step closer to the ever important discovery of her thigh tattoo. I am enjoying the tease right now, and I think you will too. This Loose Cannon shoot puts her in a few new positions and really displays some of her assets well.


Don’t let her smile fool you. She may not have the biggest guns in the league but she certanly knows how to use them. Bright explosions and loud blasts are all this criminal lives for. For both the city of progress and its local law enforcement, she is quite the curse. Curse or not, nights spent with her will not contain any boredom. Just don’t get too exited or else she might pull off the ol’swicheroo on you!



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