The Luscious Ninja Princess, Kasumi


Kasumi from Tecmo and Team Ninja’s game, Dead or Alive (DoA), has always been one of the faved playable characters. As a ninja princess she takes her training seriously and she fights using her Tenjinmon style. From time to time she enlists the aid of her wakizashi sword and her ninpo abilities.

This lovely princess is among those DoA characters who are widely cosplayed not only because she is a key character in the game’s storyline, but also because of her sexy costume.

Japanese model cosplayer, Higurashi Rin’s cosplay of Kasumi certainly takes advantage of how revealing her costume really is. As a cosplayer, Rin particularly engages in showing her sexy body whenever she cosplays. Most of her social media sites always have a warning for those below 18 to be wary of the content.


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