Jasmine, Princess of Thieves by Lisa Lou Who Cosplay


Although The Walt Disney Company has a reputation for being overly protective of its intellectual property, Lisa Rosenberg has gotten some of her best results by cosplaying their characters. This time Lisa aka Lisa Lou Who Cosplay revived the epic Jasmine, Princess of Thieves. And she did it perfectly, we must say!

“My handmade Jasmine costume, designed and created by me, Lisa Lou Who! All of the beading is done by hand, as well as the painting/dying, armor, and sewing!” Nice work, pretty lady. You look so sexy and breathtaking in that perfect blue costume! But Lisa Lou Who also explained that this costume is something “personal”.

“Jasmine is the most important fictional character in my life, so it was an absolute joy to make this dream become a reality!”

We won’t go into details, you did a great job and rightfully claimed the sewing princess title!

Lisa Lou Who is active on Facebook, Deviant Art, Instagram and Twitter so check her posts and see her wonderful costumes.

Photos of the Jasmine were taken by Shadowstone Photography.


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