Narga Cosplay as Tyrande Whisperwind


We are truly amazed how faithful this cosplay is! We present you magnificent Tyrande Whisperwind from Heroes of the Storm/World of Warcraft performed by incredible talented Narga Cosplay from Russia.

“I am really happy to bring Tyrande in life through cosplay. She’s my favorite character and my inspiration since childhood. In HotS Blizzard made so great skin design for her, I just fell in love with at first sight! I made this costume about 3.5 months and for armor making I used mostly PVC and foam. Maybe I’ll do another Tyrande’s costume in future.”

Bravo! Narga, your work is stunning and you did a perfect job on the outfit – from the costume to the makeup.

And that bow is… wow!

Such a beautiful cosplay… Truly a gifted girl, we must say.

We are almost sure you share our enthusiasm about this cosplayer. So if you want to see how much this girl is talented, visit her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and enjoy watching.

Photos were taken by very talented Pugoffka – sama.


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