Alexstrasza by Narga Cosplay

Ready for some sexy World of Warcraft cosplay? Because Narga’s delivering! She has created an Alexstrasza cosplay and, I must say, it suits her very well. It’s always refreshing to see a well done prop (looks at those horns!) and armor job, and all of Narga’s expertise is clearly seen put into this.

The paint job on the armor looks absolutely perfect, just how I imagine Alexstrasza in real life. And truth be told, you don’t even need to play WoW to appreciate this work of art. Narga looks fiery, fierce and mystical. Essencially, a powerful dragoness.

Narga does something more than gifting us these wonderful pictures — if you check out her page, you can see how she made her entire costume! If you’re a cosplayer or just interested in general, do check it out. You’ll be amazed at the processes this woman uses to make Alexstrasza come to life.

Photos were taken by CXAlena.


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