Luscious Sonico in Silk


Beautiful cosplayer, Hoshililiy, has been known to cosplay from fandoms such as Touhou Project, Love Live, Vocaloid, etc. She has always been active with her cosplays and keeps up to date with the latest anime. This time she’s cosplaying Sonico, a fictional character made by Tsuji Santa to serve as a mascot for Nitroplus-sponsored event in 2006.

Cutesy, talented, and maybe just a little clumsy – this is how Sonico is portrayed to be. Sonico is a college student and a lead guitarist of a 3-girl band called First Astronomical Velocity. Incidentally, Sonico is also a gravure model, which is why it’s not impossible for a pure girl like Sonico to don a seductive look when she is dressed in the different clothes for her modelling career. After all, hey, it’s just her job. Also, we don’t mind seeing it, right?

Here’s Hoshililiy’s cosplay of Super Sonico wearing a daring little number. What do you think?


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