Super Sonico Kunoichi Ver. Cosplay


Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like Super Sonico is a favorite character to cosplay for shapely ladies. Gee, I wonder why. Obviously, is another reason that brings all the boys to the yard aside from her signature headphones, the fact that Sonico has charming looks, and that she has a wide variety of outfits to choose from. It might also be for that very same reason that even this cosplay is sure to attract a lot of new followers for both Sonico and the cosplayer. Figured it out yet? It’s because Sonico has a BIG…

…heart! Of course!

Gaming software, Nitroplus, could not be prouder of their very own kind-hearted mascot who, because of the anime and comics, gained the love of a lot of otaku men and women. To this date, Sonico cosplays are still quite popular and never cease to be creative like this cosplay right here! What do you think?

Cosplayer: 狐裂


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