Lori the Gory Vamps out


As Roth would say, Small world until you lose your luggage. Lori the Gory is featured in this shoot by Amelia G and Forrest Black for Blueblood and she is also in a movie with an actor I know. I never got to meet her, and, after seeing this photoshoot, I am pretty sad about that. Lori the Gory is a work of art. She poses well, her skin plays great with the makeup and color of her outfit and her tattoos are pretty intense.

I love some of her color tats on her arms, but it is the back piece that really draws my attention. Amelia G and Forrest Black capture the back well in this photo and I liked it so much, I am using it as the feature for a kick butt set. If you can see, that back is a long thought out work of patience and dedication. Most people think tattoos are a spur of a moment thing (sure, some are), but that back had to take a few days. Imagine having to sit still as someone not only did the outline, but shaded everything in? That is a lot of fine detail and it goes over some pretty big nerve spots. Lori the Gory must be as tough as she looks to get that masterpiece done. I don’t know how Amelia G and Forrest Black do it time and time again, but they do it well. This is just one more proof of how the perfect model goes along with the perfect photographers to get some great results.


Why does Lori the Gory have a Vampirella costume? I think a better question is why don’t all busty lovelies own Vampirella costumes. Maybe if they they did, they would have appeared in The Twat mouse, Tales from the Crapper, Troma Edge TV, and elsewhere like sexy Lori.
–Amelia G


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