Lady Gunner is coming for you


Cosplay-Mate presents Stones as the Lady Gunner. This time Stones is on her own, but she is still packing the heat. In fact, I am hard pressed to find her posing without the gun. Even when nude, she has the piece nearby most of the time. The gun belt hangs off her hips on this set and she is fond of showing the gun a bit of love. I still dig her heels and I think this view of her white top with pink trim (no pun, well, no pun because of no…ermm…you know…) does well for her. She has one of those long bodies that grows out of her clothing. The look is a bit sexy because I know, at any given minute, she will expose more of her self–inch by inch–until everything but the boots are off.

There are a couple poses that are NSFW that made me think, “gee, wouldn’t that burn if that was a real gun?” I’ll let your imagination fill in the action for that one.


After leaving her old life of fighting off Sin, this gunner packs a mean pair. With those two, there is no point in running or hiding. Serious yet kind-hearted and honest, she seems quite fond of a certain aquatic sportsmen.
She is a bit naïve. Getting her to lower her guard and reveal those two others wasn’t too much. Let’s hope her partners are so willing.



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