Steph wolves out


GodsGirls brings us a bit of a wolf in sheep…err….plaid. Steph is a curious little model who not only transforms fangs first, but also the hands and total head (speaking of head, I am sure the expression “too much teeth” comes to mind on this subject) of a wolf. There is a really cool photo (or two) that I can’t show you. One that I really wanted to show was her biting almost through her dildo. I think it doubled as a chew toy in between use, although it does get some use (okay, a lot of use) in this set. The other picture is of her, with full wolf mask and hands, giving both middle fingers. I found it howlingly funny. Get it? Yes, that was a bad joke, but if you love busty models (and she is very much that with some nice size other parts too, then you’ll love Steph. She is putting on a good face with some fun, but the rest is straight bondage (the collar and chain, for instance).

Sometimes it is good for a model to let loose and I think that is what Steph is doing in this shoot. As the son of wolfman once said, Hey, wolfman is my dad.


Steph, transient freak



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