Jes does what to a lightsaber?


GodsGirls gives us a new Star Wars look. This one, starring Jes, comes complete with her wearing an R2D2 skin tight dress and a slightly weird altar of Star Wars items. As you can see from the first picture, this shoot will feature a lightsaber, an ewok, and R2D2. There is also a special appearance from a few StormTroopers. I can go into the parts where she undresses and caresses the ewok, but what really gets this shoot going (although I keep thinking how painful it would be) is when Jes decides to pick up the lightsaber and start posing with it. The poses start as any object normally would, but then it escalates quickly to the 2nd picture where she is licking it. Not to be outdone with mere licking, she steps it up a notch (Bam!) later on in the shoot by, well, let’s just say she really uses the force and by that I mean, she mistakes a lightsaber for a vibe. If you ever wanted to see a model dressed like R2D2 take a lightsaber inside of her, well, then this is definitely the shoot for you. One more for the bucket list.


jes, may the fourth



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