Won’t You Take Care of Sora?


Yosuga no Sora (Sky of Connection) is an anime and manga based on the Japanese adult visual novel by CUFFS. I’ve got nothing much to say about it in terms of storyline and characterisation. The show is pretty much adult-themed revolving on uncomfortable taboo as the main form of romance between the lead characters. It also contains scenes which involve nudity.

On the other hand I do have to praise the animation, art, and the character design which in my opinion are redeeming factors in the show.

Which brings me to this beautiful portrayal of one of the protagonists named Sora Kasugano by Xiao Ye(真的小夜). Sora is a fragile and socially withdrawn girl. She has a twin brother who she’s very dependent of. Sora basically is the spoiled type who isn’t scared to do what she wants as long as she knows her brother is by her side.


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