CrazyBabe: Maya Sinstress Is A Beautiful Nightmare


I don’t know why, but the outfit that Maya Sinstress is wearing on this CrazyBabe set kind of reminds me of Beetlejuice. I think it’s all the stripes and spirals, and the spooky makeup that makes her look like a specter, especially with her white hair. Nevertheless, if this set is actually something that exists in Beetlejuice’s world, or is inspired by it, and if it follows the same rules, then I would not mind repeating Maya Sinstress’ name three times to have her appear before me.

What I find very attractive about this set, aside from Maya Sinstress, of course (that’s three times, let’s see what happens!) is the fact that the whole scene does feel like a nightmare come true. The room feels like it would be heavy to walk across, especially with that specter flipping and moving all over the floor at times menacingly, and at others alluringly.

This nightmare setting is sublime, because it carries with it that feeling of uncertainty that one would normally get in a bad dream, with rising questions like: Who is she? Who’s the man watching her quietly from far away, and why is he surrounded by a warmer aura? What’s gonna happen next? and the most interesting question of all: Why is that ghost taking off parts of her costume?

I guess nightmares can be blissful too.


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