Donut Obsessed Oshino Shinobu Cosplay


Before you start asking, no, this is not a Mister Donut advertisement, although I know some people wouldn’t mind if it was. Also, before you start asking if it’s still cosplay when there’s barely any costume on but a wig, the answer is yes, it is still cosplay.

Oshino Shinobu from Bakemonogatari is a vampire girl who was a former princess named Laura who was cursed. It’s a pretty dark curse, which I’m not going to spoil in case you want to watch the show and so as not to bring the whole feel of this post down as it’s a little morbid.

The talkative vampire is also known to be very much obsessed with donuts. I guess being alive for a very long time does things to the mind, eh? This is also probably the reason for this theme in the photoshoot. Cosplayer, Rinka wanted to make a point that Oshino Shinobu is that wildly obsessed and would possibly throw every other possession she has away just to bathe herself in donuts. Happy National Doughnut Day!


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