CrazyBabe: Anna Monoxide’s Lovely Creepiness


Anna Monoxide looks lovely with her bunny ears and her colorful outfits on this CrazyBabe set. She is even enjoying and wanting to share a lollipop with us to further indicate her level of cuteness. However, the spooky factor comes from the accessories she plays with here, like the doll mask she wears, which kind of looks like something we could find at the end of a hallway in a creepy hotel; or the times where she sits on a chair with a doll with weird eyes on her lap.

I like the combination of cute and scary at play here, especially when the more disquieting elements are present, and she showcases them with an innocent look on her face, a sweet look. A look that seems to indicate that Anna Monoxide is completely oblivious to the weird stuff around her, which makes these elements even more chilling, as her superb makeup with a red line under her eyes and small gems that resemble tears lace her happy expressions with a grim tone that enhances this fun set.


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