The Lum o’lantern


It’s Halloween time and that means it’s GothicSluts time. Okay, so every time is GothicSluts time, but this shoot, in particular, is very on holiday. For those who have never seen Lum, she is the Alt Porn Award winner for the 2018 show for Best Rave Shoot. She keeps the dayglo colors and funky-fun looks and trades the EDM for some pumpkin spice.

In fact, forget Starbucks’ pumpkin spice–we need more of Lum each and every year. What better way to celebrate the holiday than a fun packed 1000 beats per minute blue haired laughing temptress? I love the photos of her sticking her tongue out at the jack o’lantern and I can’t even show you my favorite picture. It isn’t too naughty, but it isn’t safe for work. It’s Lum in all of her George Clinton goodness laughing whilst crushing some pumpkin gets between her fingers. The guts, of course, get all over her body and the whole thing makes quite the mess–a mess I am sure plenty of people would line up to clean.

You know this shoot is high in quality as everything GothicSluts touches turns to gold (or, in this case, pumpkin guts). You know it’s a good day when two award-winning artists team up to produce something. If there is a dream-team of fun adult art then GothicSluts and Lum are definitely my pick. Not only are the photos and direction amazing, but Lum’s look is just perfect. I love it. I love the colors in the tattoos, I love the color in the hair and all of the makeup. Lum is the perfect model for this fun-loving theme. I never thought I’d be jealous of a pumpkin before, but there you have it.

If you, too, want to become jealous of a pumpkin, go ahead and click on over. It’s the Halloween season and GothicSluts is just jam-packed with goodies.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing Lum’s work on MessyHot and loved her energy and style when we met in Phoenix at Clix’s BubbleBobble party, so I’m super jazzed that we got to shoot our annual GothicSluts naked pumpkin carving festivities with her! I hope you enjoy these as well.
Forrest Black~


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