Reliving Tokyo Ghoul


I know that the Tokyo Ghoul fans still can’t get over it. I know so because I also can’t get over it! On top of that, the next season is actually not a season 3 but a reboot. We are seeing now what will happen on the reboot.

Tokyo Ghoul is a story about an average guy who just want a date with a pretty lady. When he found that person and had a date with her (Rize), it is by destiny that she is a ghoul. Unfortunately, instead of a good night kiss, she gave him a good night bite…and tried to kill him. He miraculously survived and the lady died for some weird reason ( which was not disclosed on the existing seasons, by the way, if she had an accident or somebody killed her — surely the latter).

Kaneki Ken– the main protagonist — did survive the unfortunate night. Figuratively, others won’t survive after being friendzone or worse. Kaneki Ken survived because the mysterious doctor had his organs replaced with Rize’s organs.

When Kaneki Ken got out of the hospital, surprisingly, he doesn’t like the taste of cooked meal. Later, he found out that he had turned into a ghoul. Or, at least, half of him.

All of the photos were taken by professional photographer Marvin Reyes from the Philippines with Tsubaki as Kaneki Ken and Rei as Touka Kirishima. All of them are from Philippines.


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