Brandie Graves tricks her treat


Good evening, boys and ghouls. How does award-winning model Brandie Graves follow up ‘Best Toys Indie Clip Artist’ from AltPorn Awards? With another AltPorn award winner, of course! I’m talking about the one and only team behind Gothic Sluts, Amelia G and Forrest Black–they have a great eye for talent and a darn fine style in bringing still frames into live brilliance.

The hair. The Lips. The ink. All the pretty colors. The angles. Take your pick and this shoot has it. Brandie Graves is the perfect cheery modern girl-next-door. She’s got the smile and the ink, with a lil’ bit of kink (last rhyme today, I swear). From head to toe, Brandie Graves is smashing.

I love her hair–the colors pop and it goes so well with her lips and eyes. It’s just a touch of color on the face that goes a long long way here. Everything balances well with the black bra and panty set (and those stockings with the orange ribbons!).

The ink pops really well here, too. I am drawn to the use of the light colors in her sleeves. The Frankie tatt is mesmerizing. It’s moments like this where I honestly don’t know if the ink and makeup are this vibrant or if Gothic Sluts have it dialed up to 11 in post. Either way–this look works.

What also works is the angles taken. I love the ultra long legs spreading out towards the edge of my screen. The artistic geometry involved demonstrates why everyone associated with this shoot has won an award for style.

It’s fun. It’s colorful. It’s Brandie Graves wielding a knife and covering herself in pumpkin guts as gleeful as a demonic Mrs Cleaver. It’s Gothic Freekin’ Sluts with another Halloween smash hit. Heck, the only two entities on this planet that have done more for Halloween than BB/GS are the Great Pumpkin and John Carpenter.

If you like colorful and sunny models mixed with knives, danger, and a well-placed ‘bite me’ tat (who the heck doesn’t?), then you need to check out Brandie Graves. Move over, Great Pumpkin, Brandie Graves is my new Halloween fav.

Getting to shoot our traditional naked pumpkin carving with Brandie Graves was really fun! We had met her very briefly at the AltPorn Awards, where she won Best Toys Indie Clip Artist, and I’m really happy we were able to coordinate and make a nice smiling pumpkin mess together this year. Happy Halloween everybody!
~Forrest Black


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