Corpse Bride by Rei Doll Cosplay


If you are a fan of the Corpse Bride this stunning cosplay will make you speechless!

Actually, this is the best Corpse Bride I have ever seen, thanks to the great Rei Doll Cosplay who make the amazing job on everything!

“We held this photo shoot in the wood after midnight. It was about 0 C and I really was dead with cold. Flashlights were used during the photo shoot, otherwise there was a complete darkness.”

Wow. Both the photos and cosplay scene are just stunning! And the facial expressions… Brilliant work!

“I was extremely freezing and my eyes were almost killed by contacts. I saw nothing and every flash of light hurt my eyes unbearably.”

We believe you. But it was worth your sacrifice, your eyes look so real. And the Victor is also amazing…

If you want to see more from this great Russian girl, visit her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page and enjoy in true art.

Photos were taken by Kifir Photography.


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