Shelly doubles as a Midnight Goeniko


Cosplay Erotica brings us Shelly as Goeniko, adorned in high boots and a very blue top with a small black cape (and underwear, but those don’t stay on too long). I like this shoot because of the sexy and chill nature Shelly presents on screen. She has a great video that goes well with the stills (again, if you think the stills are great, you need to see the models go into poses with their hands exploring everywhere in real time). In fact, her video is one of my favorite from Cosplay Erotica.

I rather like her poses with the top slightly askew. There’s one in particular where her belt is above the waist, her panties are hugging in the right places, and those boots, they highlight some of the best legs on screen. There’s something about the way her hips lean to a side on this photo that really sets the mood. Of course, I can’t show you this–or any part of the video–as it is NSFW, but if you like anything remotely closed to gaming, then this is up your alley. Cosplay Erotica always brings the best and Shelly definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Goeniko is an umbrella term used to identify a popular fan-made character for several characters designed for the fighting game engine MUGEN. She is visually based on the Midnight Bliss’d version of Goenitz in SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos.


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