Shelly takes on The Syndicate


CosplayErotica brings us this Saints Row shoot with Shelly as Kinzie. Cosplay Erotica picked the right model for this shoot. Shelly is a great Kinzie and not only does she look like the character, but she moves like her too. The skin tight outfit hugs more than just her body in this shoot. The attitude of Kinzie is also captured. Every time I see Shelly move around in that fleur de lis print, I flashback to a few of the game scenes. What really stands out in the photo shoot is the way the body suit hugs and yet allows portions of her body to breath (some ‘breathing’ is a bit too much for Safe for Work Land, so I can’t show you the best pictures but you’ll get the hint with the ones I can show). Her heels are to die for (and, at least the way I play the game, many did) and they really do make this costume. Another great touch is the hood. It adds a touch of mystery to the character and it there is something primal about a hooded heroine who is getting a bit naughty. It’s danger mixed with the exotic. The cherry on top is the gun, though. The gun will be used in more than one way. I can’t show you every way that gun is used (use your imagination) but I think you will agree that she does have a bit of an oral fixation.

As for the video, David Lee Roth said it best–lose the dress, keep the shoes. Shelly does just that and it pays dividends. The high heels with a full calf hug look terrific on her and it is great to see them shine when the rest of her costume falls away. There is more than one cool moment in the video when she shifts her poses and takes aim with her love gun. Oh and before I forget (as I had to watch the video and photo shoot many times–poor poor pitiful me), there is this great pose she does on her knees, she’s bending backwards almost completely nude. Her hands grasp the tips of her heels as her taut body stretches in an arc. I can’t show you this, but if you look at the set it is rather impossible to miss.

Body: Girl Next Door
Legs: Long
Boobs: Medium
Hair: Blonde


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