Yu-ying is the Scarlet Witch


I think it is just fitting to put a cosplay here about Scarlet Witch. The featured cosplayer is Yu-ying, who is from Taiwan but is currently located in the Philippines. As we all know, Captain America : Civil War is set to be released on May 6, 2016 and the Captain America: Civil War craze is on!

Yu-ying is an ever evolving cosplayer. She can cosplay as a cute gothic lolita, to the magical Hermione Granger, to the kickass, serious Scarlet Witch.

Travelling Taiwan to Philippines from time to time, Yu-ying does not have much time to cosplay but once she does, the result is very amazing.

Based on Yu-ying’s cosplay page, she is currently a college student and a Math major even! How cool is that? You really can’t underestimate a very talented person. We can look out for her future cosplays because she said that her cosplans are mostly DC and Marvel characters. You can check her Deviantart and Facebook page for updates.

The photographers on her Scarlet Witch cosplay are Yutse Chang (her brother) and Francis Cuenca. They did a really amazing job on the Scarlett Witch cosplay because it looked like straight out from the movie!

For Yu-ying’s Hermione Granger cosplay, the photographers who used their magic on the photos are Alec Egido and Marvin Reyes.


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