The Scarlet Samurai and Key Summoner team up


In this Cosplay-Mate shoot, the Scarlet Samurai teams up with the Key Summoner to take on, well, they really take on each other’s clothes. They treat being clothed like it was the enemy and really attack the problem full force. Only with their combined powers can they tackle the evil of fabric. Why stop there though? What good is it being naked (and they look oh so good naked) if you can’t have fun with a friend too? This is where the true teamwork begins for the Scarlet Samurai and Key Summoner. Eventually, even the plush doll gets set aside as the two models explore each other. The picture I can’t show you is on page 3 of this Cute Fairy set. They lean in, topless, and are frozen in time, inches away from a kiss. Need I say more?


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