The Scarlet Samurai


Cosplay-Mate brings us the Scarlet Samurai. She looks fantastic with the swords in her hand. There is actually one of her doing a kick (on those heels) and using the swords at the same time. Yes, I know I am a complete tease for not showing you that picture, but I hope the two I do give you makes up for it. As you can see, she is a redhead. I mean really red. She is also another cover model for Cosplay-Mate. All I can say at this point is, dang, they got a lot of great models working for them!

She slices, she dices, she undresses and removes her Bam-Bam Bigelow pants and gets right down to business. I enjoyed looking over this set and I really hope to see more of this model. I think anyone who can do kicks in those heels and balances the swords should get a lot of exposure. It seems like a pre-req to working for Cosplay-Mate is to be able to balance oneself on high heels while doing martial arts and the Scarlet Samurai delivers greatly.


Ready for any challenge, this scarlet samurai bares it all. Quick reflexes and quicker blades, she will defend those she holds dear. Both cool and passionate, this fiery fairy can be quite a handful to deal with.
This armor she is wearing is used for rapid strikes. Good thing it’s also quick to be removed.



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