Nina Sin makes a bloody mess

Nina Sin plays with blood so well, I thought I’d show her drinking deep for the cover of the review. Amelia G and Forrest Black hit another homerun with this shoot. Nina Sin rocks a great red streak, and I am not just talking about her hair (although, I have to say that black and red combination is pretty well done too). I’ve seen vampire shoots before, but Nina Sin brings this to (un)life with her personality and blood drinking. In fact, she not only consumes it, but she replays a bit of history and bathes in it. Blood, it’s what’s for dinner.

Nina Sin Scream Queen Vampire, copyright Amelia G and Forrest Black for

I am always a fan of making a hot sticky mess. Nina Sin of course comes premade with fangs. So Forrest Black and Nina and I had a fun time creating this Scream Queen Vampire series. I believe thanks are in order to Ms. Croft for the glass the delicious red stuff is in.
–Amelia G

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