Brownie is wanted Dead or Alive


Yes, I keep having Bon Jovi’s song go through my head when I look at the gallery by CosplayErotica. Brownie is Christie here and what a Christie she makes. The flaming vinyl outfit really vibes well with the feel they were going for. She’s flashy, she’s blue and black with flames, she’s red and orange. Most importantly she is wearing stuff that I usually find myself clubbing in. Okay, so she looks a bit better (a lot better) in those clothes than I do. The main point here isn’t so much what she is wearing, but rather how she is wearing it. Her body is perfectly built for these clothes. For example, do you see how the jacket hugs her chest? Her breasts are perfectly hiding under the material but when she does move a bit more, maybe even an inch, for the camera you can see her nipples greet you. In fact, there is a great side picture of her that exposes her breasts in the jacket. I can’t show you that picture, but I can give you one more hint about this set. Her underwear is a red thong. What? You don’t believe me? Fine, I’ll attach the screenshot. You’re welcome.


Brownie, in a nice Dead Or Alive – Christie parody! Christie is the tallest woman out of the Dead or Alive fighters, standing at 5’10 (177cm). She bears steely-gray eyes and her hair is a shocking shade of white. Her body is also more voluptuous.



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