DOA Christie Topless Cosplay By Brownie


In this fantasitc CosplayErotica set, Brownie is cosplaying as the always beautiful, strong and somewhat dangerous Christie from the Dead or Alive series.

Said series has always been known to have some of the hottest fighters in gaming, and when you lay eyes on this great cosplay you’ll know that if there was ever a live action videogame, they should definitely pick Brownie to portray the character.

Her cosplay consists of black pants and a jacket with blue flames on it that is left open, so you can see that she is not wearing anything underneath. This means that when she strikes her sensual poses you can get a nice peek of her breasts, which are barely covered by her jacket.

As the show progresses, the jacket stays on, continuing its playfulness by sometimes concealing and other times showing you her breasts, but the pants come off revealing a very nice something that she proceeds to rub and play with in both the images and the video that comes in combination with this shoot.



As a professional assassin, Christie is cold, taciturn, objective and callous towards others. She is shown talking harshly to others, making fun of them, and taking enjoyment from the suffering of someone else; she laughed with malicious delight when Helena entered a highly shocked and distraught state after learning it was Christie who killed her mother all along.





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