Betcee brings us into rapture


Bare Maidens is at it again and this time, it is the end of the world. I haven’t seen Betcee before, but I am thankful to Bare Maidens for introducing her to my monitors. Betcee is the all-natural beauty that not only most likely starts the end of the world but makes the end all so damn worth it. I simply loved the robe and boots she starts out in. The magenta mingles well with the gold and green hues of the robe and who doesn’t like a pair of black slightly below knee boots? In fact, Betcee likes them so much she keeps them on even after she loses her robe.

There’s something erotic about a canyon nature scene with a girl and a wand. It might be the mixture of earth magick with the sexual overtones that Betcee produces with a mixture of grace and mystery, but this shoot has an intangible ‘it’ quality that sends shivers when reviewing. Take the photo I’m looking at right now, for example. Betcee is naked minus the boots and she’s on one leg with the other slightly off the ground. Her arms are balanced perfectly with the rest of her body in a water dancing pose. It really is a stunning photo–and completely not safe for work (sorry!). Usually, I try to tie in a kink or two to see if you want to check a page out or not. This time, I think no matter if you like nature or the magick, you should give Betcee’s shoot a try. You, too, can see what I mean about ‘there’s just something about…’


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