Raven sizzles by the fire


Bare Maidens brings us a bit of an elvish campfire maiden with Raven. For those who are new, Bare Maidens is the place for all things Fantasy/Epic for nudity and beyond. This campfire shoot with Raven is no different–it is definitely epic and fantasy. Even without the ears, Raven makes the perfect Maiden. She appears at home next to that fire and not at all afraid of getting a little singed.

We all know that Raven is darn right gorgeous, but she’s also has one of the best expressive abilities at Bare Maidens. In fact, there are a handful of pictures of just her looking through the camera and into your screens. I love how the photographer allowed her to work in that way. It would have been easy to just focus on her body, as perfect as it is, but it’s the looks of sorrow mixed with ecstasy that really pull me in. I can’t show you all of these looks as, even though face centric, a lot of them are attached to a very nude Raven–not that I’m complaining. That fire isn’t the only thing that’s smouldering.


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