Construction Site Fun With Rubber Necro


This Blueblood gallery focuses not only on the sensuality of Rubber Necro, but also about how she delightfully interacts with her background to give you a unique perspective on her style.

If builders get to see beautiful RubberDollies like Rubber Necro while they are working, it is no wonder why so many of them work extra shifts. Her body is absolute poetry as she poses around the place and she reveals the superb aspects of her body.

Rubber Necro looks like a very sexy Catwoman in her black latex outfit, and the construction site background makes me think that she is up to no good, which I don’t mind, because whatever evil she could be planning, she definitely would look great doing it.


I’d like to welcome Rubber Necro to the site. Julie Simone shot these images. Julie Simone says Rubber Necro is a lot of fun and she certainly looks like it. I’d write more now, but I’m all jumpy nervous about the release of Backstage Passes and I can’t concentrate. Enjoy.
–Amelia G



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